You are looking for pictures and videos of the University of Vienna, wish to embed the logo of the alma mater in your website or need instructions on our corporate design guidelines? On this page you find all available downloads at a glance.

Flickr & Co


Whatever you are looking for – portraits of the university leadership, pictures of events or images associated with the topics studying or research – you will find it through our photo service.

Photo service (in German)

Figurative mark


Here you find all versions of the logo (as a figurative mark) of the University of Vienna in various file formats. The figurative mark is protected and may only be used as combination of the seal and characters.


Films & Co


You are looking for video material regarding the University of Vienna? We do not only have the University on film (long and short version) but also interesting clips on research, studying and selected event highlights on YouTube or the media portal. You can either link to these videos or embed them in your website.

The University on film


Media portal (in German)

Corporate design

Corporate Design Manual

The corporate design of the University of Vienna (logos, colours and design guidelines) is the visual contribution to strengthen the corporate identity and the University's reputation in every letter, brochure, on the Internet, across all media and communication phases. The corporate design manual specifies the principles and rules to ensure brand recognition.

Corporate design manual (in German)

Instruction: Embedding videos from YouTube

You have found an interesting video on the YouTube channel of the University of Vienna and wish to embed it in your website? Here is a brief instruction:

  1. Select the YouTube video that you wish to embed in your website.
  2. Click on "share" below the title of the video.
  3. A new area is displayed underneath. Select "embed".
  4. A line with the embedding URL of the video is displayed. Copy this line.
  5. Go to the back-end of the TYPO 3 website in which you wish to embed the video.
  6. Create a new video element and add the embedding code that you have copied to the "URL".
  7. Activate the newly created video element for your website and check online if everything works out well.