English Service

The English service Corporate Communications aims at a professional English-language use at the University of Vienna and provides for a consistent corporate language. All university employees can make use of the English service primarily targeted at central university texts such as websites and information material.

German – English


You can place translation orders for central university texts from German into English (such as websites or information brochures) via the translation service.

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Terminological Database

With the terminological database of the University of Vienna (UniVieTerm), university-specific German and English terms are at your fingertips.

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Denglisch Service

The Denglisch service offers quality control for English translations (e.g. of websites of the University of Vienna). It checks, among other things, whether texts meet the requirements of the University’s English Style Guide and terminological database.

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Style Guide

The English Style Guide of the University of Vienna is a guideline for authors and editors of English texts. It facilitates consistent English language usage in central texts of the University of Vienna.

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